Why French wines at La Cour?

Many people find French wines confusing and even intimidating!  At La Cour we take a very French bistro approach to our wine selection.  It’s your palette, it’s your glass of wine, if you like it, that’s wonderful, if you don’t, we will find one you do like!

We are happy to make suggestions for food pairing or what would correspond with a wine you know and like already.

There are thousands of French wines and we only carry under 50. But we like to think that we carry a nice selection of affordable, interesting and delicious representations of the most known French wines.

We are fans of French wine tradition and terroir.

Some have said that French wine is drinking the earth!  In French wines you cannot separate the grape variety from the earth that it has grown in.  The type of soil, the rocks, the slope of the vineyard, the microclimate. For many it is easier to narrow wine preferences down to a grape but it is not as much fun! Let the terroir show you the teamwork that goes into good French wine!

The roots have to go deep into the earth and they transfer that into the grapes, the taste of minerality is one example.  Some vines are over 100 years old.  We carry a Loupiac that is Parcelle 1915, meaning it was planted 104 years ago.  It is so delicious with Foie Gras or blue cheese!

Some vineyards have been growing grapes for wine for over 2,000 years.  Of course more and more of our French wine selection include organic and biodynamic wines, something we believe in.  One of our favorite Côtes du Rhône is Les Abeilles, where the producer donates substantially to the UC Davis Department of Entomology in support of their research to help restore healthy honey bee colonies.

Who doesn’t love Champagne?

For us Champagne can only come from Champagne!  We carry Collet which is one of the founding and still independent Champagne houses.  It is delicious and only $15 a glass.  Unbeatable in Denver. Of course we also carry other bubbles!  One that is even the precursor of Dom Perignon and La Méthode Champenoise; one that Benjamin Franklin favored.

Most importantly French wine has for centuries, even millennia, been cultivated specifically to accompany good food.  It is such a compliment to any meal, not to mention cooking itself.  Of course we believe in the social importance dining!

A Wine Table!

The benefits of sharing thoughts, ideas, conversation, over a good meal accompanied with French wine made to enhance the experience are irreplaceable!  And if you add Jazz?  Doesn’t that make close to a perfect evening! Let us show you Denver differently!

French Wines At La Cour