Call For A Table

La Cour has always considered itself to be an integral part of a community, a community of people who believe in the importance of jazz, the fine arts, the art of enjoying spending time with each other over good food, good wine, good cocktails!  La Cour is French for courtyard: A safe place to stretch, maybe having a conversion with your neighbor at the next table, trying some food you may not have tried, listening to jazz in the safety of not being totally a listening room, looking at some art that you wouldn’t have gone to a gallery to see …….. 

The arrival of COVID 19 and the potential destruction it may leave in its wake is a direct threat to the type of sharing La Cour’s community has come to love and trust.  We do not want to give more room to this virus than is strictly necessary and have therefore taken the hard decision to close the venue until our community is again safe to enjoy each other comfortably.