Project HARTwork

Project Hartwork is an international network of artists and suppporters working together to end human trafficking. We partner with artists around the world to sell fair trade art and engage the community with the ongoing fight against human trafficking. We realize that human trafficking is an emotionally taxing topic to discuss; we’ve found that utilizing art can help start these difficult but essential conversations.

Our July exhibit at La Cour features some of our local artist partners including Anna Caraghar, Courtney Cotton, Margy Foertsch, Gary Haney, Yuni Groff and several others, in addition to some of our international artists from Vietnam and Senegal


Julie Wynn-Birr ``Art Rising``

Mission Statement

“Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe, and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy”. Albert Einstein

Art Rising is an explosion of light, delight, and a celebration of life, art, and music.

Artist Julie Wynn-Birr is a professional singer and artist, who firmly believes that excelling in one art form, leads to a natural progression to other creative endeavors.

Julie is a member of several watercolor guilds, has won several art competitions, and her work resides in private and corporate collections. She works daily on expanding her horizons to mixed media and beyond. A singer with an exceptional jazz group, she has appeared on TV, and numerous musical venues in the United States, including dinner theaters, night clubs and musical productions.

Her art reflects her life, living amongst nature, and her joy and discerning eye at the remarkable beauty that surrounds us- from her signature koi paintings, Wild life, and Native American/ cowboy paintings, Julie captures the light and her fascination with this incredible planet and Universe we reside in. A sky full of stars, and art that liberates.




Ken Sanville ``Dark Portraits``

Artist’s Statement.

This series of photographs, Dark Portraits, is a departure from my normal “straight” photography.  I have created a series of figurative studies that combine bones, feathers, plants, masks and other objects along with the human figure to explore the intricate beauty of life and death.


I am drawn to the endless photographic possibilities of this series. These darker portraits allow me a different creative outlet through which I am searching for the deeper meaning of existence.  I am exploring the mystic nature of life, death, identity and creation in these photographs.


By making these dark images, I hope to generate a photographic narrative that will cause the viewer to not only question the images but to also explore their own feelings. I trust that these photographic images will remain with the viewer and not be soon forgotten.

The Grand Opening will be September 6, 6-10 pm with jazz by MoJoJazz 7-10pm>


Nijole Rasmussen . ``Rhythm of Growing``

“I paint with my soul and then discover that life itself has already painted there a long time ago, that my soul and life are one….”

– Nijolė


Nijolė Rasmussen was born and raised in Lithuania. Since 1992 she has lived in Denver, Colorado, USA. The journey through life has taken her to photography, and eventually to painting, which has been her passion for the last 7 years. With some guidance from professional artists, she is mainly self-taught and derives her inspiration from nature, travels, and love of art. She loves to read and does so in several languages, and enjoys writing poetry. Nijolė has had many exhibitions in Denver and one solo exhibition in Chicago.


To paint for me is to access the deepest, remotest and most private corners of my imagination, where I can be free to welcome many opportunities for happy accidents to appear. With this language of shapes and colors, my desire is to communicate to the viewer my thoughts, emotions, that unique perception of the reality that later he can himself create his own world and live there protected by this illuminate power of art. Art is a harmony of nature, soul and spirit. It gives me power to express myself without much involvement of the rational mind. This harmony that my eyes can welcome and my soul can respond, is the result of my art. When I paint, it seems that my soul takes better shape, that longing for life and beauty and empowers creative process, which was already there long time ago… Nature influences my art. Where nature ends, my abstract forms begin its journey. Perhaps the path traveled matters little. The will to arrive is sufficient. Giving preference to form, shape and color, I am led to unknown places, places where beautiful world exits, the world I am willing to share with the like minded. The beauty understood has this power to illuminate the senses, still the mind and enchant the heart.  My vision to interpret the reality in abstract form is my saying Yes to spirituality, beauty and life.



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