Local Artists Are Donating Their Artwork To Help Raise Money For Staff Members of La Cour Bistro And Art Bar. Over The Years La Cour Bistro And Art Bar Located At 1643 S. Broadway, Denver has helped  Artists by exhibiting And selling their artwork.

La Cour Staff Was Abruptly Impacted By The Decision To Close And Their Immediate Finances Are Very Fragile.

In an Enormous Gesture of Generosity and a Clear Message of Solidarity, these same Artists are donating artwork to be sold at reduced (I Do Mean Reduced!) prices.

All Proceeds Will Be Given To The Gofundme Campaign set up to help the Staff At La Cour.

To buy a piece of art, please go to


Donate the price of the work and send a text message to Janet Poth 720 277 7540.  In message part of the donation you can also specify which work you have purchased with your donation.

All the staff at La Cour is extremely grateful for your support.

Virtually together we stand.

Christine Meyer

Guardian Angel by Christine Meyer

Christine Meyer created an extensive color wheel in her studio work while studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA).  Later in her career, a recessive gene on the woman’s side of the family presented as color blindness.  Christine began working with large sheets of textured, patterned, translucent, colored and metallic papers. She often chose colors for their value or tone. When viewers commented on the strong color palette she used in my work, it was often the first time Christine could actually “see” the colors.
She has exhibited her work in solo shows, group shows, galleries and other art events and venues.

Guardian Angel by Christine Meyer

charcoal, layered papers,  image transfers, model sculpting paste
Market price: $300.00
Gofundme price: $125.00


SOLD Dick is donating a signed print of his multiple award winning iconic ``Projected Image``

Nosbisch has exhibited in the United States, London, Toronto, Barcelona, Switzerland, Paris, Buenos Aires, Serbia, and Munich. His work is in the permanent collection of The Denver Art Museum, The Colorado Photographic Arts Center, The Denver Press  Club, and the (C.E.P.A.) Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Arts in New York.  In 2015 – 2016 represented by agent Matt Azark, Dallas.  In 2016 was represented by The Andrew Smith Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In 2016 – 2020 displaying his work at Sapphire Las Vegas in the Dick Nosbisch Gallery.  He continues to work on opening up new visions in photography while managing and playing drums in his jazz band “ALTITUDE: Jazz and Beyond.   



signed photograph 13″ x 19″

Market price $200

GoFundMe price $100 SOLD


Julie Wynn-Birr ``Art Rising``

ALL 3. SOLD. Julie has donated 3 signed prints of her iconic mixed media piece Koi III

“Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe, and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy”. Albert Einstein

Art Rising is an explosion of light, delight, and a celebration of life, art, and music.

Artist Julie Wynn-Birr is a professional singer and artist, who firmly believes that excelling in one art form, leads to a natural progression to other creative endeavors.

Julie is a member of several watercolor guilds, has won several art competitions, and her work resides in private and corporate collections. She works daily on expanding her horizons to mixed media and beyond. A singer with an exceptional jazz group, she has appeared on TV, and numerous musical venues in the United States, including dinner theaters, night clubs and musical productions.

Her art reflects her life, living amongst nature, and her joy and discerning eye at the remarkable beauty that surrounds us- from her signature koi paintings, Wild life, and Native American/ cowboy paintings, Julie captures the light and her fascination with this incredible planet and Universe we reside in. A sky full of stars, and art that liberates.

Market price $145

GoFundMe $50  All 3 prints have SOLD




Nijole Rasmussen

SOLD Nijole has donated ``Seek Flower in May``, feeling that the beauty of flowers is soothing and inspires hope.

“I paint with my soul and then discover that life itself has already painted there a long time ago, that my soul and life are one….”

– Nijolė


Nijolė Rasmussen was born and raised in Lithuania. Since 1992 she has lived in Denver, Colorado, USA. The journey through life has taken her to photography, and eventually to painting, which has been her passion for the last 7 years. With some guidance from professional artists, she is mainly self-taught and derives her inspiration from nature, travels, and love of art. She loves to read and does so in several languages, and enjoys writing poetry. Nijolė has had many exhibitions in Denver and one solo exhibition in Chicago.


To paint for me is to access the deepest, remotest and most private corners of my imagination, where I can be free to welcome many opportunities for happy accidents to appear. With this language of shapes and colors, my desire is to communicate to the viewer my thoughts, emotions, that unique perception of the reality that later he can himself create his own world and live there protected by this illuminate power of art. Art is a harmony of nature, soul and spirit. It gives me power to express myself without much involvement of the rational mind. This harmony that my eyes can welcome and my soul can respond, is the result of my art. When I paint, it seems that my soul takes better shape, that longing for life and beauty and empowers creative process, which was already there long time ago… Nature influences my art. Where nature ends, my abstract forms begin its journey. Perhaps the path traveled matters little. The will to arrive is sufficient. Giving preference to form, shape and color, I am led to unknown places, places where beautiful world exits, the world I am willing to share with the like minded. The beauty understood has this power to illuminate the senses, still the mind and enchant the heart.  My vision to interpret the reality in abstract form is my saying Yes to spirituality, beauty and life.

Acrylic on canvas 36″ x 24″

Market price $800

GoFundMe price $400. SOLD




Dave Pendleton

The title of this 4 piece set that Dave has donated is: Her Pleasure The title refers to Mother Nature's tendency to do as she likes, and we are merely observers.

Haiku is the name of this small robot, imagined

to be fashioned from discarded boxes. Each work finds Haiku

in a moment of curiosity and examination of the common and small.


The seed for Haiku’s design draws from the Japanese poems

of the same name. As with the poetic form of a written haiku,

these painted illustrations are brief in line and imagery, and

offer quiet observation and appreciation. It’s my hope that each piece

offers with it a bit of humor, humility and simplicity.


Another idea that inspires these works is the idea of wabi-sabi.

This is a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics that,

basically, is the acceptance of impermanence and an

appreciation of the beauty of imperfection, and the ability to

find common, natural objects interesting, worthy and


each piece is acrylic on hardboard 8”x8”x2.5”

GoFundMe price $180  SOLD


Todd ``WAD`` Clough's People

Todd is donating “Why Women Are Better Than Men” which is painted on an antique mirror.

Todd recently retired from the Denver Inner City Parish after 30 years as the CEO and Head of School of La Academia, a private school for at risk youth.

He created Wad Art 40 years ago as both a painter and a sculptor.  His work is currently showing in numerous galleries, including a permanent gallery space at the Denver Art Society.  His work is done without judgment, it is primal and full of spunk and energy with a dash of space for the hell of it.

Upon retirement he moved to a ranch on the North Fork of the South Platte River near Shawnee, Colorado where he is a fly fishing guide, artist, and happily attends to two dogs, three feral barn cats, eight chickens, and lots of trout.

“Why Women Are Better Than Men” It is painted on an antique mirror and it is 24″ wide by 48″ tall.

Market price $500

GoFindMe price is $250.



Tanis Bula

Tanis, internationally acclaimed watercolorist, has donated this framed watercolor ``Lavender Purple Iris`` SOLD

“I’m an internationally collected watercolor painter. I have exhibited my work in one-woman shows, juried events and corporate and gallery venues around Colorado, and have been featured in Water-color magazine. I have also exhibited and sold paintings in Europe and Japan. My work is included in corporate and individual collections. I was one of three American watercolorists selected for indi-vidual shows in Japan, and I traveled there several years to meet with buyers and sign my paintings. It was so much fun to meet the people of Japan. I have painted in France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, the Caribbean, and Mexico. I was the owner of an award-winning graphic design firm in Denver where we created brochures and packaging for various clients. So I started taking workshops around the country and decided my new passion was watercolor painting. Soon enough recognition allowed me to turn to painting full-time. Painting is a calling to my studio in my home each day – when wondering what to do next, I think “Oh good, I can paint”. I am expecially aware of light and shadow, allowing me to paint what I see into a graphic painting probably because of my graphic background and training. I have painted a variety of subjects including landscapes from Colorado and Europe. I love to travel in Europe and take pho-tos – a wonderful painting around every corner! I am probably best known for my iris paintings both large and small. Iris have a such incredible softness that translates into watercolor painting. I studied at Iowa State University for a Bachelor of Science degree and the Kansas City Art Institute when I worked at Hallmark Cards as a package designer. I have participated in and taught numer-ous workshops, both nationally and internationally. I would like to see watercolor gain more stature as a painting medium as it seems to have a hard time competing with oil paintings.”


Tanis has donated this framed watercolor “Lavender Purple Iris”  6″ x 7″  and framed 13″ x 14″

Market price $195

GoFundMe price $125. SOLD


Pamela Compton

Pamela has donated ``Mind Blowing`` acrylic on canvas, 20`` x 16`` each. Hoping for Jazzier Days Ahead.

Pamela Compton paints what she feels in addition to what she sees, resulting in bold artwork filled with passion. Through a whole body approach, she creates a paradox between expressionism and realism. Her work distorts the surrounding world for emotional effect and visual pleasure, evoking powerful moods and ideas.

Pamela was the exhibiting artist for March.  Her beautiful exhibit was cut short due to our closing.


“Mind Blowing” , acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″

Market price $500

GoFundMe price $250   

Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle has donated 2 oil paintings. River #2 and Still Life

Rochelle Johnson exhibited twice at La Cour.  Rochelle is one of most talented, delightful and generous souls that I have ever met.  Please visit her website to find out more about her.


River #2 oil on linen, 24 x 24″

Market price $800

GoFundMe price $400




Still Life oil on linen panel, 14 x 11″

Market price $500

GoFundMe price $250



Molly McCrosson

Molly has contributed 2 beautiful antique framed oils from her water series.

My core themes are time, place and identity. These shine through everything I paint. When I stand back it is as though a doppelganger, either male, or, female has done the work. Often it feels like I’ve been illustrating a story from the imagination of a band of wild children. I imagine them armed with rubber tomahawks and plastic slingshots! My paintings are more child-like now, but, they’re also balanced with years of schooling and practice.


“Lilly” 36” x 24”. It is oil paint on canvas and is in a gorgeous antique frame.

Market price $625

GoFundMe price $400


“Surface” oil on canvas. It is 16” x 20“ and also comes with the frame

Market price $240

GoFundMe price $175

Kenneth Trujillo

SOLD Ken has donated ``Beauty Walks a Razor's Edge`` 16`` x 20`` photograph printed on canvas.

Ken Trujillo is a fine art and commercial photographer who specializes in capturing the beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful aspects of people and the world.

He is a Colorado native, has two daughters and a love of music, words, and life. His personal story has continued to influence his outlook, his inspiration and ultimately his art.  His current work is a journey of transcendence to accept and adapt to change. Events of loss, heartache, and a new beginnings were what spurred the evolution of his fine art, abstract photography.

“There is a beautiful way to shoot even the ugliest of things.” –Hillary Fryer

This quote came from a dear friend and set Ken on a journey to find beauty in the everyday of life, the simple, the plain, even the mundane and discarded. His art represents the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, the beauty of imperfection, transience and impermanence.  Ken photographs fragments of everyday life that no one notices and exposes their inherent beauty.

His technique involves the uncovering of the colors and detail from the inner depths of the original images in vipaśyanā, Sanskrit in the Buddhist tradition for insight into the true nature of reality.  He often uses poetry, quotes or lyrics to convey his interpretation of each piece in relationship to life.


“Beauty Walks a Razor’s Edge”
Medium- Photograph on Canvas
Size- 16″x20″
Market price $225.00
GoFundMe price $115. SOLD

Calvin Lee

Calvin is donating ``Umbrellas to Church``. SOLD

Calvin Lee was born in Chinatown, San Francisco on February 5, 1947.


His real last name is Yee.    When his parents were 12 years old they came to the United Stated from China.   His  father came to the United Stated illegally.    In 1882 Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act.   The Chinese were the first people to have a quota imposed upon them.   People here were afraid of the Yellow Peril.   But America was known as Gim San,   Gold Mountain,   The Chinese thought they would come over here and pick gold up off the streets.   So, his father’s family paid  a family who had a permit $1200.00 for his  father to pretend to be their son.   The family’s last name was Lee.  Calvin’s father and mother  spent three months on Angel Island being interrogated by immigration.  His father had a nine  page biography of the Lee family in calligraphy with him to memorize so he would not be tripped up by the immigration service.  Those coming into the United States pretending to be a child of someone else’s family were known as “paper sons.”


Calvin was the photography editor of his high school yearbook.   Calvin’s parents refused to pay for him to go to photography school, saying that photography as a career was not practical.   So, Calvin enrolled in the architecture school at the University of Arizona.  Receiving a D in Art and a C in Fundamentals of Architecture, Calvin figured he had no art talent and  got a Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  in  Oriental  Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude.


Then he joined  the  U.S.  Navy, and lived  in  Japan  for  two  years.


After the Navy, Calvin obtained a Juris  Doctor  degree  from  Arizona  State  University in 1975.  Upon graduation, Gilbert Venable, Calvin’s environmental law professor, asked Calvin to join him in private practice with the purpose of the firm to do as much environmental and civil rights law as possible supported by a general practice.   Calvin became a partner  in  Venable,  Rice,  Lee  and  Capra  in  Phoenix.  He engaged in  pro  bono  representation  of  gays  and  lesbians,  nuclear  power  plant  protesters,  the  developmentally  disabled,  prisoners,  and  peace  activists,  supported  by  criminal  defense  and  personal  injury.

In 1980, Calvin left Phoenix and worked at  the Colorado Public Defender’s Office for Aspen, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Meeker, Rangely, and Vail.


In 1984, Calvin started  a solo law  practice  in  Glenwood  Springs,  Colorado,  serving  the  Aspen,  Carbondale,  Glenwood  Springs,  and  Vail  area.  Areas of law  were   criminal  defense,  divorce  and  real  estate,  as  well  as  representing  gays  and  lesbians  and  the  developmentally  disabled.


Representative cases and clients of Calvin include four death penalty cases, thousands of felonies and misdemeanors,  thousands of divorce and child custody cases, hundreds of dependency and neglect cases, hundreds of guardianship/conservatorship cases, hundreds of real estate cases, subrogation cases for State Farm Insurance Company and Union Insurance Company, Garfield County Affordable Housing Authority, and class action lawsuits alleging the violation of the civil rights of prisoners and the developmentally disabled.


In 2000, an artist, gallery owner and framer owed Calvin money for legal fees.    Up to that point, Calvin had been doing calligraphy every several months with brushes purchased in China when he went with his parents to find each of the houses in which they were born.   Calvin said to frame some of the calligraphy and he would deduct the cost from the legal fees.    Several pieces of calligraphy were framed.  Then the framer said he was asked to supply art to a gallery in Park City for the Winter Olympics and wanted to take the calligraphy.   A month later the framer said Calvin should do some mountains scenes.  Several months later a gallery owner in Telluride said she did not carry works on paper but if Calvin ever did any oil to let her know.   Calvin bought oil paint, brushes and canvas, and six months later the gallery carried Calvin’s mountain pieces in oil.


Calvin has been represented  by  galleries  in  Park City, Telluride,  Frisco,  Aspen,  Denver,  Glenwood  Springs,  and  Carbondale.   He was listed by the Denver Visitors and Convention Bureau in both 2016 (see https://www.denver.org/blog/post/5-denver-artists-to-know/) and 2017 (see https://www.denver.org/blog/post/5-denver-artists-you-should-know/) as one of five artists to know and see during Denver Arts Week.




His mountain scenes are inspired by having climbed  all  54  of  the  14,000  foot  mountains  in  Colorado, and mountain  climbed,  ice  climbed,  rock  climbed  and  skied  in  Colorado,  Wyoming,  Utah,  Washington,  Arizona,  France,  Nepal,  Japan,  Mongolia,  Peru  and  Ecuador.  The mountain scenes project feelings of spirituality and struggle.


His calligraphy is in his Chinese DNA.   His brush strokes dance across the paper.


Calvin is not content to paint “pretty pictures” and stuns the viewer with his social and political art.


Not content with representing those whose civil rights have been violated, Calvin thought it would be more fun to be a community organizer.   He organized  and  was the spokesperson  for  the  Roaring  Fork  Peace  Coalition,  an  anti-war  group  opposed  to  invading  Iraq.


He was the organizer  and  spokesperson  for  the  Roaring  Crystal  Alliance,  a  grassroots  environmental  group  promoting  clean  air,  affordable  housing  and  sustainable  planning in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Calvin went to Zambia  in  May of  2008  for  five  weeks  to  teach  art, math, social studies, geography  and  English  to  AID’s  orphans.


Calvin closed his law practice in Glenwood Springs and moved from Carbondale to Denver in 2012.   He opened an art studio in  Denver’s RiNo Art District.


Calvin currently accepts  law  cases  in  Aspen,  Carbondale,  Glenwood  Springs  and  Denver  if  the  matter  is  serious  and  interesting.  His most recent case was representing a woman charged with trespassing at Senator Cory Gardner’s office.   She was trying to see Senator Gardner about how disabled people would be adversely affected by repeal of the Affordable Care Act.


In September, Calvin went  to  the island of Lesvos, Greece where with binoculars he looked   for refugees from Syria and Afghanistan landing on the shore to assist bringing them to shelter and food.    Upon his return Calvin has been providing legal services  to  refugees seeking asylum.  The experience also inspired a series of refugee paintings.   See https://www.5280.com/2018/12/the-european-refugee-crisis-inspired-this-denver-artists-latest-collection/


Umbrellas to Church—-print on metal, 9″x 12″,   of  an original  watercolor on paper.

Market price $190

GoFundMe price $90. SOLD


Mario Sauceda

Mario had donated 2 ``Untitled`` palette knife oils on canvas

Born into a multi-racial family in 1960, and raised in Southwest Denver, Mario Sauceda’s creative force was manifested at an early age.  Even as young as three or four, he exhibited a determination and an ability to concentrate that established a precedent for his later explorations into both art and architecture. His mother was an art teacher in Denver Public Schools, and his father was a civil rights attorney. His home environment gave him both the necessary freedom to experiment, and provided a variety of early learning experiences that supported his creativity. In Junior High School, he won two 1st place awards from the Women in Construction Architectural Design Competition for Youth in America, and two honorable mentions. In High School, Mario won the Denver Public School’s Multi-Media Portfolio award, which is the highest honor for achievement in art in the district, and exhibited at the Denver Art Museum in 1978. During an independent study in college, he spent time at his family ranch in New Mexico, and entered a juried art show at Stables Gallery in Taos, and became part of the Taos 20, a traveling show that included such well-known artists as R. C. Gorman and Fritz Shoulder. In 1984, he won a commission to do 10 painting for the Solar Energy Research Institute (later to become the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in Golden, Colorado. Between 1980 and 1995, Mario pursued a broad, far-reaching career as an artist, showing his work in over 50 galleries around the country, and selling his work to collectors around the world.

After a licensing conflict soured him on dealing with galleries and agents, Mario turned to other interests, pursuing a career in the healing arts and martial arts. After a 15 year hiatus, during which he produced only 12 paintings, he returned to painting in 2011 with a new vision. Switching from acrylic to oils, he has been creating close to 100 paintings a year for the past 5 years. Mario’s present works are an exploration of a variety of subjects, moving from plein air landscapes to abstracts.

Artist’s Statement: “I depend more on the stroke of the brush than I do on the accuracy of the line. My works move from impressionist and expressionist to visionary.

Untitled 1  (some purples and oranges) palette knife oil on canvas 8″ x 24″

Market price $400

GoFundMe price $200


Untitled 2 (mainly blues) palette knife oil on canvas 8″ x 24″

Market price $400

GoFundMe price $200



Georgann Low

La Vie Est Bell

Georgann Low is an artist/musician/author who lives in Denver with an imaginary yellow and orange striped cat and several guppies. She shows in galleries and on her website :

La Vie Est Belle poster 17″ x 11′ of original watercolor, pen & ink.

Market price $50

GoFundme price $35



Jim Monley

Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver’s Travels. 22′ x 28′ acrylic

Market price $350

GoFundMe price $250

Project Hartwork

What Does Project HARTwork Do?

Project HARTwork is a non-profit organization that partners with artists around the world to sell fair trade art and engage the community with the ongoing fight against human trafficking. We realize that human trafficking is an emotionally taxing topic to discuss; we’ve found that utilizing art can help start these difficult but essential conversations.


Cat by

Artist: Malick Dieye

Med: Sand on wood, with wooden frame
Dim: 11.25″ x 13.75″
GoFundMe price  $35
Flowers by
Artist: Nhung Thi Tran
Med: Acrylic on canvas
Dim: 11.75″ x 11.75″
GoFundMe price $45

Jillyn Archuleta

Jillyn Archuleta has donated 4 prints on archival paper


Tequila (Fiesta Time)  16” by 20”

GoFundMe price $55. SOLD

The colorful abstract  “Mexican Blanket” 10” by 20”

GoFundMe price $35

The autumn tree abstract (Autumn)  10” by 20”

GoFundMe price $35


“Tropical Fish”  10” by 14”

GoFundMe price $30