Karin Kempe Grand Opening April 5

“Living color”

Karin Kempe


I grew up in Colorado and remain constantly amazed by the power of natural forms, our brilliant light, the way vivid colors vibrate in my body and lift my heart. The process of painting uncovers the landscape of my mind, a landscape changing as quickly as weather, so I’ve come to think of these paintings as mindscapes. As I find my way with a painting, I often discover that I have been trying to recapture the feeling of an experience or place. Instead each painting surprises me and comes to life like a new flower pushing through snow and ice, with a face which is new but which I also recognize. It’s said that to experience the truth of things is to experience intimacy. That’s what painting is like for me.


These paintings are signed with my dharma name Koku, which means “empty sky.” It refers to that place before knowing where paintings are born.


Karin Kempe studied film and painting when young, and started doing art again some years before retiring from a busy career as a physician; now she spends her time making art and teaching Zen. She works on paper or canvas, in love with the bright colors and responsiveness of acrylic paint. As a lifelong Buddhist, she finds painting to be a gateway to practice, a way of spontaneity and joy, and of discovering new ways of seeing.


Tanis Bula grand opening May 3 5-10pm

An internationally renowned watercolorist, Tanis Bula is the winner of numerous awards and has been featured in Watercolor magazine. She has exhibited in Europe and Japan as well as theU.S., and her work is included in corporate as well as individual collections. She was one of three American watercolorists selected for individual shows in Japan. For three different years she went to Japan to sign
paintings and meet with buyers. She has painted in France, Italy, and Mexico. She paints a variety of subjects including landscapes and is best known for her vibrant florals.

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